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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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media outlets and our sfmta website. and we also will be doing a mass e-mail blast announcement to the various parties, stakeholders, including the board of supervisors, merchants, neighborhood groups, civic and religious organizations. excuse me. we also plan to have our parking control officers after the january 6 date to have a three-week basically grace period starting on january 6, 13th and also the 20th. and those three sundays we will not be citing formally violations, but instead issuing a friendly courtesy notices of the violation and the need to start complying. again, the decals on the meters of the new hours and the
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enforcement times will stay put on the meters. we have also met at your suggestion with a panel of religious and community representatives in mid november. its was very successful. they had a lot of good suggestions on how to do outreach, and we are volunteering to meet with one of the leader of the group, mr. michael pappas, to the inter faith council to personally visit with him some problem locations that he had suggested and also work with him to see if there are some solutionses and outreach methods we can try to reach some of those affected parties to try to relieve some of the potential problems that may be faced. they also gave us quite a bit of good feedback on other issues, including the suggestion for us to start the
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sfmta to do more consistent applications of our, of our parking management equipment and processes and regulations. we take that to heart and we will be putting a lot of those suggestions into place in the next couple months as well as the upcoming year. we have also developed a tool kit for outreach that we will be distributing to the group to help us do further outreach. and we will be extending an offer, as i mentioned, to visit with some of these potential problem areas. and we also produced about 40,000 fliers for distribution at their request. so, we'll be seeing those in the next few months. the other track we're following
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is the technical end in getting the machines and everything up to snuff and ready for implementation by january 6th. and on all the non-sf park meters which is three quarters of the stock, they're the older variety, we're pre-programming the changes in the shop and we will be visiting the site and touching each one of them and affecting the change in the operating hours and the time limits. that will be -- that's occurring right now and we expect to finish on time. we are also updating our software on the parking management database, and we also expect that to be ready on time. the meters will have a four-hour limit and there's a
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capability to be prepaid city-wide on all the meters. the new as well as the older models. and you can prepay as early as 4:30 in the morning of that particular day. so, for example, if you want to attend service at noon and you arrive at 11:00, you could park and then feed the meter and have it go into effect starting at noon. so, the new meters will have capability to accept credit cards, parking cards, cash, as well as pay by phone. and the older meters will be able to do three of the four. it won't be able to accept credit cards yet. so, the good news is we are in the process of issuing a new request for proposal for new meters to be used city-wide for the rest of the 75% of the meters. and we expect to receive the
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bids from the vendors in i think the third week of january. and we expect to start changing them out by the beginning of summer of next year. so, within a year or so, all the meters will have the full capability to accept credit cards as well. another side benefit from this particular exercise is while we're upgrading the meter operation, we will also be converting the remainder of the meters city-wide to two-hour limits as you approved, i think some time back. and the rationale behind that is that that makes it more consistent and uniform throughout the city and it allows people who need that window of time to do their business adequate time to be able to do that adequately. we found from studies that the time limit in a particular area
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does not influence significantly the length of stay or, you know, the duration of parking in a particular time. that's measured by the true demand for how long they really need to be there. but it does offer the flexibility for people to be able to stay the full amount of time in case they need it. that will also have a pretty significant side benefit. for example, mr. reiskin and i were meeting with the department of building inspection. and one of their concerns in the downtown corridor is that to go to, you know, a building to do some inspections in sequence, the one hour won't do. it's not adequate to get everything done. but the extra time, the two-hour limit would be very beneficial. we're also in the process of hiring about 40 new parking control officers. a good portion of them will be
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devoted to enforcing meters. we're in the process of hiring and we expect the first contingent to be on board in the first week of january if everything works to do so. and they will go -- undergo through a very thorough training. and we have the existing staff ready to step in and help in the beginning. again, third sunday we'll be issuing courtesy notices. before we start citing formally. we have also gathered ahead of time before data because one of the things we said we were going to do is to evaluate the effectiveness of sunday metering and report back to you. so, we have the before data collected and that would be very useful later on when we do the evaluation. so, that's all i have. i have with me my colleagues,
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lee milatelo from the enforcement division as well as dee anna from communications, key players in this whole process. they're here to help me answer any questions i can't answer. >> director bridges first. director bridges expressed concern about this when we adopted this and still have some. director bridges, would you like to -- >> yes, thank you, chair nolan. and thank you, mr. yee, for the update and director reiskin for following up on everything. you mentioned that you met with mr. pappas and other stakeholders in november to hear their concerns. out of that mr. pappas i'm sure as you stated identified some problem areas. what's your -- what are you doing to address this prior to implementation if anything, or are you planning on doing it later in the year? >> well, director bridges, i think that would kind of depend on what we actually find when
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we do the site visits and we have the further conversation with him. it depends on the nature of the specific issue. some things could be done very easily, others might take some time depending on specifically what's involved. >> and i would add that some of his concerns are addressed in what we're planning to do. so, he had concerns about the older meters and would they be -- have the ability for prepay and for four-hour time duration. and as mr. yee indicated, they do, they will, and they have all the function ality for the most part in terms of payment option as the old ones except for credit card. some of the concerns that he's raising that are very legitimate concerns are ones that we have accounted for and are addressing as part of the core program. >> we have a full commitment to meet and work with him. >> the only problem with this as far as i can see, i think
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that is a pretty significant exception credit cards can't be used. a lot of folks are going to have to carry a whole bunch of quarters with them or come and get one of our cards. it is not going to be quite as easy as if you had the credit cards. it will be easier, most will start? june? >> the installation of the new meters would start around june. and this is the schedule that, you know, we're still on the schedule that we had articulated when this was approved. >> that's a lot of quarters. >> that's part of the concern we have with senior citizens and everyone else and those problem neighborhoods he mentioned, too. >> members of the board? >> a quick question. >> sure. >> what's the feasibility of reloadable meter cards? because right now you can't reload them. you have to go back out and repurchase or -- [speaker not understood].
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>> we're actually working on that as part of the rfp for the new meters that includes the reloadable parking cards. so, we're definitely going it that route. >> okay. do you have to do a -- >> he can do it on the internet. you can do it in various ways. >> i have questions beyond parking cards. >> [speaker not understood]. >> so, just to clarify some of the details of this the current plan is to do this on all meters, not just pilot meters, correct? >> that's correct. >> there had been some discussion about doing this from noon to 6:00 on sundays to alleviate church going morning hours, other reasons, it's not just that, i'm sure. folks who don't go to church and have morning activities would be happy to hear. is that still the plan or are we now looking at 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.? >> it's noon to 6:00 with a four-hour limit. >> with a four-hour limit. you can prepay up to the four hours. so, the two-hour limit that's going everywhere else doesn't
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apply on sunday? >> that is correct. >> another question. on sundays, you do have six-wheel truck only zones. will they be converted that you can just -- >> no. those loading zones most likely will remain monday through friday or monday through saturday, depending on the location. on sunday they will revert to general parking. >> okay. >> our new signs that we are installing indicate that. >> okay, thank you. >> anyone else? okay. i'm really appreciative of the outreach work to the faith communities in particular, but others as well. so, thank you. we'll be looking to seeing how this works out. members of the public want to speak? >> [speaker not understood] is the only one indicated wishing to address you on this matter. >> [speaker not understood]. good afternoon, chairman nolan, members of the board. i happened to catch ron owens
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this morning. he had a discussion about this topic on his radio show and people called in and people said, hey, i'm going to go shop elsewhere. yeah. you might gain a few bucks from the meters on sundays, but you're going to lose a lot of taxpayer money -- sales tax money from people deciding to shop elsewhere. i'm thinking we need to have a color sticker that says operating sundays on the meters because the letters are going to start coming to the editorial pages saying what happened. they didn't know. even though you're going to do outreach, you're still going to have a lot of people who don't know. if you don't do it -- at least have television coverage and radio coverage and big-page ads in the newspapers, you're not going to be able to cover everybody. but the thing is people are going to -- once they get that
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whopping $75 ticket or whatever, they're going to decide they're not going to shop in san francisco. you're trying to get people to take public transit. they're not going to take all their bags shopping on the bus and go home. they just bought a nice expensive coat, birthday present for their spouse or their significant other and they're not going to want to carry it on the bus and have someone steal it from them, you know. a lot of people still don't feel safe being on public transit. i think that -- i can the thing is, though, if you keep costing more and more to come into the city, especially on sundays, you're going to be cutting off your nose despite your face. that's all i'm going to say about that. and also, you need to make sure you address the concerns of the religious community -- not the religious, the church communities because all you're going to do as i said, discourage people from coming to church. and god knows we all need to go to a religious service once in
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a while. thank you. >> thank you. anyone else care to address the board? seeing none, we'll go to the consent calendar. >> all right. and just directors, for your information, we have had several requests to pull items. as previously stated, item 10.2o has already been removed from the consent calendar, but severed for separate consideration will be item 10.2 w and bb. in addition, item 10.5 staff has requested that it be severed to request that the resolution be amended to add language, and we'll get to that when you get to that, as well as a member of the public wishes to address that one. and then item 10.8 severed. >> as you recall we already approved 10.3. >> yes. >> so, the remaining consent calendar, is there a motion to approve?
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>> so moved. >> second. >> any further discussion? all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all opposed? [speaker not understood]. okay, we go back to 10.2. >> w has to do with rescinding a no left turn and establishing a left turn on hayes street [speaker not understood]. no stopping on monday through friday on sixth street from folsom to market. this was removed at the request of barry toronto. good afternoon again. i came here specifically today to address these two items. i am not taking this lightly by asking you and urging you to really look at the traffic patterns and the traffic gridlock that occurs on the afternoons when you come from 2 80 to sixth street. and taxi drivers use this route
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constantly as a way to get downtown from the south part of the city and also from the garages. as you know, 99% of the cabs are situated in the south part of the city. and they need to get to the downtown area to go to work in most cases. some of them will go to noe valley or the mission if they get call. so, it's a concern if you allow the left turn going north on sixth street at harrison and then you've also allow for the parking on the east side of 5th street, you are creating much more gridlock. * calls almost to the point where you're going to get huge levels of service by up to e or f, and i am very concerned what you're going to do and how it's going to affect cab service because of the fact it's going to cause more gridlock on that street.
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please, you all, i invite you all to drive that all in an afternoon, particularly let's say on a thursday or friday, how to get into the city. and you know the cabs -- again, where the cabs are situated when there's a change of shift. so, if you want to harm service in the downtown area or in north beach or in nob hill, then go ahead and make traffic on sixth street going northbound worse. and this is what does it. thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. chairman, before you proceed, if i can just clarify that item w has to do with revoking the no left turn on 5th street on harrison. it does not have anything to do with hayes street. >> okay. so, we have, mr. yee, you want to respond to that, please? >> good afternoon, mr. chair,
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members of the board, mr. reiskin. vaughan yee from stainable streets. let me address the sixth street toll item first. that was as you remember, a pilot project that the board approved on october 17th, 2011 as part of a pedestrian safety enhancement program that we were undertaking. as you know, sixth street in this corridor, is very noted for -- it's higher than average pedestrian and collision accident history. so, the proposal was to test pilot a removal of the tow-away on the east side of the street for the blocks from folsom to market to allow parking there during the peak. and it had several benefits. one is that it physically narrows the street a little bit to allow a shorter crossing distance for the pedestrians crossing sixth street.
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it provides a very useful and beneficial buffer between moving vehicles and pedestrians on the sidewalk. and if successful, this space will allow us in the future to construct corner intersection [speaker not understood] or bicycle parking and [speaker not understood] and other amenities in that space. we've also made concurrently other improvements on the east-west street intersecting sixth street and those include lowering the speed limits on howard, folsom, harrison and bryant within the same time frame from 30 to 25 miles an hour. so, it's been a year. we did the evaluation and we found that the change is working with minimal impacts. we not only looked at sixth street, but also fifth and seventh as a corridor and the traffic did not shift
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significantly or change significantly on those streets. so, based on that, we recommend that it be approved and made permanent and we presented the results to city planning and they gave it a categorical exemption now for this particular proposal. >> what is the board's mesh you? er >> motion to approve. >> second. >> any discussion? all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> opposed? thank you. ms. gilbert. >> moving on to item 10.5, authorizing the director to execute a termination agreement with the city of san francisco downtown parking corporation for the fifth & mission garage, and execute agreements with vendors, consultants, and commercial tenants. directors, in addition to a member of the public wishing to address you, staff also requested that the item be severed. they would request that you amend the resolution to add language to -- one of the result clauses that would state -- it would add the following language.
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on term substantially similar to the enclosed agreement. so, the further resolve clause would read the san francisco transportation authorizes the director to execute a termination agreement with the san francisco downtown parking [speaker not understood] insert language, on terms substantially similar to the enclosed agreement: and execute agreement with vendors, consultants and commercial tenants, et cetera, et cetera. >> is there a member of the public who wishes to zvictiontion about this? -- to speak about this? >> yes, david con. >> good afternoon. i've dadev kahn, [speaker not understood], on behalf of the san francisco downtown parking corporation board. * david i'm working with the board, san francisco downtown parking board to finalize use agreement for the 5th and mission garage. i've been speaking the last several days with the city attorney's office and actually
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this afternoon with mr. roberts and mr. katari. we have a few remaining issues with respect to the lease termination. it is the expectation those remaining issues will be resolved and the language finalized no later than friday at 12 o'clock. i've discussed that with mr. katari. the staff recommendation as the board understands it is to approve the lease termination subject to the ability to ratify the language provided that it remains substantially similar to the agreement before the board and we agree with that recommendation. >> sir, thank you. anybody else care to address the board? if not, we need to do the amendment first as described. there is a motion to approve the amendment. is there a second >> second. >> discussion all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> opposed? okay. [laughter] >> okay. the man is willing to wait three hours to tell us he likes [speaker not understood]. [laughter] >> i'm not going to stand in the way. >> okay. we have a motion to second on
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the amended resolution. all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> opposed? the ayes have it. thank you. >> item 10.8, revising the san francisco municipal railway's schedule of fares for friday, december 28, 2012 to provide transit service at no cost for all passengers of san francisco municipal railway vehicles in celebration of muni's 100th anniversary. thises was severed at the request of a member of the public, eric scott. * this was >> mr. scott. it's my hope that we can kill two birds with one stone here. december 28th is the last friday of the month. this is the day when we are traditionally subjected to the horror known as critical mass. i'm hoping that everyone who is able to can take advantage of muni's generosity and celebrate this as leave your bicycle at home day, muni is free, please ride it.
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thank you. >> thank you very much. [laughter] >> okay. is there -- would you like to make a motion? >> move to approve. >> second. >> discussion? all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> mr. chairman, that completes your consent calendar. now we will go back up to last but not least, item 9, this is an opportunity for members of the public to address members on issues not on the calendar. herb wiener, barry toronto and mark gruberg are the only people who have submitted speaker cards. >> [speaker not understood]. i really wish you and i had the opportunity to speak earlier. i've been waiting a very long time, perhaps longer than waiting for a muni bus. first, they went after the parking meter. then the taxi medallions and now they're coming after my senior fast pass. the proposed sliding scale for fast passes is a means test, similar to that used for applying for public assistance.
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it is disguised as an attack on the affluent senior citizens but is the opening for further stringent eligibility standard for fast passes for everyone. it is basically a means of raising revenue. in the meantime, the buses don't run on time. we'll be lucky to be home by christmas next year. this is in essence the rifkin doctrine. eternal fiscal plunger and service reduction. the mta board has a responsibility to hold this in check. we are approximating the service standards of emelio cruz of 15 plus years ago. viva emelio. i must add in closing if you are going to put through the standard for the fast past rate for senior citizens, mr. rifkin bet r be willing to pay $100 a
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month for his fast pass. [speaker not understood] equality for everyone. >> next speaker, please. >> barry toronto followed by mark gruberg. is mr. gruberg here? okay, all right. >> mr. toronto. yes, good afternoon again. i first want to alert you that i saw on facebook somebody shared a link of an article in the new york times about the international association of taxi regulators was working on creating regulations to deal with those apps, [speaker not understood] and side cart. our own chris hiyashi has been instrumental in being involved in helping create those regulations. i think i'm a little disturbed that this information is not getting out to you guys and to us about what you guys are actually doing. i think it's important that this information and what she's actually proposing be included,
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is actually advertised -- proposed -- advertised so we have an idea what's going on. and that helps us in having confidence that sfmta is doing something, and where this is going to go. and i think that's important that you get a presentation from her in your january 15th meeting about what's happening with that. because we still haven't had any -- the formal discussion about how to deal with that, although the cpuc has taken some action if you read about that. the next issue is the football games coming up. as you know, they're playing miami this weekend at home and they're most likely going to be in one roof game for sure and probably going to host it. and i'm concerned about there should be some -- can be police officers hired to help monitor the taxi service at the ballpark starting late in the third quarter after the game, during the game and after the game in order to make sure that
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the legal taxis get the fares before rather than the illegal taxis and the vehicleses that are not licensed to pick up just by showing up * without an actual appointment to pick somebody up. and you know the law. so, i urge you to make sure that there's tough, stricter enforcement to help the 49ers in terms of getting better taxi service and also in keeping the illegal taxis out. >> mr. chairman, that's the last person who turned in a speaker card. >> are we having the closed session? >> no. >> we are not. >> this completes the business before you today. >> with that, members, we are adjourning this afternoon in the memory of supervisor mike nevin, a wonderful, wonderful man and did much for san francisco, the entire area. i want to wish everybody a happy holiday. hope to see many people on the 28th. just want to say it's a pleasure to work with all of you, mr. rifkin, our outstanding staff. with that, we stand adjourned. thank you.